As technical communicators, we like to share what we know – hard skills developed by working with software tools and new technologies, and soft skills that come from working with people to manage relationships, build careers, and improve our effectiveness as communicators.

The Resources section of our website mixes contributions from members and volunteers with useful listings of education resources, books, blogs and websites.


These posts by members and volunteers focus on the tools of our trade – mostly software applications like Madcap Flare and Word, but also style guides, reference books, and hardware. Recent Tools posts include A Flare CSS Primer, Creating a Relationship Table in Flare, and The Basics of Linking Topics in Flare.


These posts by members and volunteers focus on techniques we use in our work – everything from how to write a press release, create a style guide, or create an online portfolio, to a look at how much technical knowledge we need to document software applications.


Our careers as technical communicators take many shapes, forms, and job titles. Here’s useful overview if you’re new to the field.


The education of a technical communicator, formal and informal, never ends. In-class and online courses are an excellent to get the training you need to enter the field, and to upgrade your skills once you’re working in the field. We list courses in British Columbia, Canada, the USA, and the rest of the world.

Useful links

A starting point for exploring print and online resources about technical communication, including books, websites and blogs.