Student Membership Awards

We award up to ten STC student memberships to qualified students annually. The awards are given at the end of the calendar year for the coming membership year. 

Award Winners

2019: Amanda Lind, Ariana Schuler Ram, Dallas Jeffs, Millie McKinnon, Paige Wergeland, Shannon Loewen, and Solange Labbe.

2018: Janna Kolodii, Verna Lethbridge, Kushanie Tilakaratne, Sharole Tylor, Brian Weatherby

2017: Phoebe Atienza, Alison Gilpin, Jay McKiernan, Chris Powell, Owen Schellenberger, Amy Takeda

2016: no awards

2015: Jenny Hung, Nicholas Laba


Chapter Awards and Member Honours

The Canada West Coast chapter and its members have won a number of awards and honours over the years. Congratulations to all the winners whose accomplishments inspire us, and to the volunteers who help the chapter excel!

2017 The STC Canada West Coast chapter has been honoured for its activities in 2017 with a Gold Achievement Award. The award citation reads: “For partnering with educational institutions to promote chapter events and student membership, using incentive programs to encourage volunteering, and creating virtual meeting opportunities for a widespread membership.”
2012/13   The Community Achievement Award recognizes a chapter’s outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society’s goals through a wide range of programs and activities. In 2012/13, the Canada West Coast chapter won a Community of Excellence award, the second-highest of the four levels of Community Achievement Award.
2012   Pacesetter Award. The Community Pacesetter Award recognizes innovative and successful community initiatives; specifically, the successful implementation of a single beneficial innovation that may be implemented by other STC communities.

The chapter won for implementing the Information Interview Service, which matches people who want to learn more about a career in technical writing with senior writers who can answer their questions. Other chapters liked the idea and adopted it.

2008/09 Pacesetter Award. The chapter won for “their use of technology to enhance all functions of a chapter,” including efforts to make events accessible to remote participants through audio recordings, file sharing, and phone-in capabilities.
2005/06   Pacesetter Award. “For showing a willingness to embark on new journeys; and for not only embracing change, but implementing innovative technologies for the betterment of our community and others.”


Pacesetter Award
2003/04   Distinguished Technical Communication Award for the chapter newsletter, Coast Lines.
2001/02   Technical Communication Award of Excellence for the chapter newsletter, Coast Lines.


Pacesetter Award, “For an excellent Region 7 Conference that stimulated interest in the Society for Technical Communication and helped further Society, regional, and chapter goals.”
1985   Community Achievement Award
1984   Technical Communication Award of Achievement for the chapter newsletter, Coast Lines.

Member Honours


Becoming an STC Fellow is a lifelong journey of achievement, an honour bestowed by the Society upon Associate Fellows who have continued to make exemplary contributions to the arts and science of technical communication, and for sustained and significant service to STC. These contributions involve significant achievements that advance the profession and its recognition.

2009: Rahel Bailie

2004: Sheila Jones


Associate Fellows

Associate Fellow is the second highest rank (after Fellow) that the Society can confer upon a member. This honor recognizes members for their outstanding achievements in and contributions to the arts and science of technical communication, and for sustained and significant service to STC.

Associate Fellows have held multiple leadership positions, published papers, or written articles or books; they’ve given dozens of presentations and mentored those who are new to our field.

2012: Heather Sommerville

2006: Rahel Bailie

2000: Sheila Jones

1998: Diane Forsyth

1995: Kathleen Sayers, Duncan Kent


Honorary Fellows (from our neighbourhood)

The rank of Honorary Fellow is conferred on someone who is not a Society member but has achieved eminence in the field of technical communication.

2001: David Suzuki


Julia Broderick Scholarship Awards

Julia Broderick embodied all that technical communicators should be: intelligent, inquisitive, and enthusiastic. She was known for her skill in documenting the complexities of hardware and software and went out of her way to coach new writers.

The STC Canada West Coast Julia Broderick Scholarship was established to reward deserving students who embody Julia’s legacy of excellence, determination, and devotion to the field of technical communication.

In 2014, the chapter’s board of directors decided to split this large lump-sum scholarship into several smaller awards so that more people could benefit from it. We now offer a one-year student membership in STC for up to 10 qualified applicants.

Past winners of the Julia Broderick Scholarship:

2013: Leslie Ste. Marie

2011: Ulrike Rodrigues

2009: Crystal Auffray, Amanda Lee

2008: James Lee

2007: Christine Rowlands

2004: Kathy Kroeker

2002: Lynn Smith

2000: Kevin Chew