Interview Practice for Technical Communicators: Interviewees and Interviewers

Interview Practice for Technical Communicators: Interviewees and Interviewers

Whether in-person, via the web, or phone, interviews can be daunting for the job candidate and the interviewer. While a job candidate typically experiences some nervous energy as they focus on what to say, interviewers must elicit the information they need from the candidate to help determine suitability for the job. During an interview, the objectives of both parties include making a good impression and answering one of these questions: why should we hire you, or why should I work for you?

I’ve sat on both sides of the table. As a job candidate, I’ve sought feedback and learned through trial and error how to make a favourable impression resulting in a job offer. As an interviewer, I’ve prepared countless technical and behavioural questions, as well as created tests to determine skill level. Learning to read candidates and deciding whether to proceed with in-depth questions, or skip ahead to some easier fare when things aren’t going well, requires some intuition and observation of a few cues. In all cases, I am happy to share these tips with you so you can succeed on either side of the table.

The STC CWC is pleased to provide an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills, whether you wish to be hired, or are in charge of hiring. We’ll work through role-playing scenarios as interviewer and candidate, rehearse questions and answers, and provide feedback that can be immediately applied to your next job interview.

As this service is completely volunteer-based and free to STC members and fellow volunteers, spaces are limited for the 2016-17 season. Please contact for more details, or to reserve a one-on-one practice session with our chapter’s Past President, Mala Rupnarain.

Mala Rupnarain is the past president of the STC Canada West Coast chapter.