STC CWC announces new leadership incentive program

STC CWC announces new leadership incentive program

With our Annual General Meeting just around the corner on April 23, I’m pleased to announce our new leadership incentive program.

Our chapter has been successful for over thirty years because of our dedicated membership and strong base of volunteers who collaborate to provide tech comm cafés, information interviews, blog articles, and professional development events.

By taking on these responsibilities, our volunteers demonstrate their ability to function as leaders in our community. Often, we can also apply these leadership skills on the job.

If you volunteer for one of our coordinator or director volunteer positions for a minimum of one year, the STC Canada West Coast chapter will reimburse your tuition, up to $500, for one leadership course, after you successfully complete your volunteer term.

To qualify, you must be a current STC CWC member in good standing. The following rules apply:

  • Commitment to a one-year term as a director (president, vice president, treasurer, or secretary) or coordinator (e.g., programs, student outreach, communications, marketing and public relations, membership, volunteer coordinator, or Vancouver Island liaison).
  • Satisfactory completion of the one-year term (e.g., must participate in 90% or more of chapter collaboration meetings, and 90% or more of tech comm cafés or scheduled events, and fulfill the required duties of the volunteer role).
  • Successful completion (pass, or a mark of 75% or higher) of a leadership course offered through STC or an accredited post-secondary institution, within the same time period as the volunteer term.

Please contact president [at] for more details, or learn more about this program at our AGM. Seating is limited so please contact us soon to register!