Instructional Design and Learning SIG Webinar

Instructional Design and Learning SIG Webinar

Upcoming Webinar 09/18/13 Becoming an eLearning Hero Registration: A common question a course creator asks is, “How can I make my eLearning more interactive?” It is a great question and the answer may not be as far away as you think. In this webinar, you will learn simple ways to analyze content and mold…

Celebrate International Plain Language Day (Oct. 13)

PLAIN Language InterNational 20th Anniversary Conference in Vancouver October 2013

October 13, 2013, is a Sunday and follows on the heels of PLAIN2013, the 20th Anniversary conference of the Plain Language Association InterNational, which is being held in Vancouver, BC on October 10-13. Special Rate for STC Members expires August 31! Click the image to see a full-size version. Please join Conference attendees and presenters…