STC Canada West Coast chapter conducts first salary survey

STC Canada West Coast chapter conducts first salary survey

The STC Canada West Coast chapter has conducted its first online salary survey.

Over half of the chapter membership participated in the survey, which was a joint venture between the Canada West Coast and the Toronto chapters.

Detailed results were sent to all Canada West Coast and Toronto chapter members in early December.

This survey is the first Canadian salary survey of STC members. Currently, Canadians are not included in the salary survey released annually by the STC head office, which is based on US Labor Department statistics.

“We decided it was time for some of the Canadian chapters to take the initiative,” said Stephen Gauer, president of the Canada West Coast chapter. ““This is important information for our members and proves the continuing value of an STC membership.”

Survey respondents replied to questions covering demographics and pay rates. The survey results are an excellent snapshot of salary levels, contractor rates, education, gender, age, and job titles.

Stephen was pleased with the survey response. “We plan to make this an annual fall event in our calendar,” he said.

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Lynn SmithFebruary 27, 2017 at 8:11 amReply

Is it possible to get a copy of the survey results? For the US one, non-members can purchase the survey. Thank you, Lynn Smith, Recruiting Manager, Innovatia Inc.