STC Canada West Coast – what’s in it for students?

STC Canada West Coast: helping students find jobs, meet their peers, and continue their professional education.

We’re an organization of professional technical communicators, and we know what it takes to make the transition from student to established professional. Our membership benefits provide the resources to help you break into the technical communication industry.

Membership sponsorships

We’re offering full sponsorship of the $65 US membership fee for 2018 for up to 10 post-secondary students in the province. For more information, read our news release.



  • Job postings
    • Opt-in on this page to have job emailed directly to you as soon as the job posting becomes available.
  • Career development articles and resources
    • Access information on resumes, interviews, and job hunting
  • Contractor directory
    • Promote your services in the searchable online directory.
  • Salary survey
    • Enjoy low-cost access to the Canadian salary survey produced annually by the STC head office. Find out how much your services are worth.


  • Volunteering opportunities
    • Gain experience writing, researching, and organizing. Use your finished projects to augment your portfolio and enhance your resume.
  • Information interview service
    • Talk one-on-one with a senior technical communicator, learn first-hand what it’s like to be employed as a technical communicator.
  • Chapter program meetings
    • Attend talks delivered by experienced technical communicators and professionals who present on a wide range of topics. Broaden your horizons through exposure to our eclectic mix of people and ideas.
  • Social evenings
    • Attend friendly, informal social gatherings at local cafes, get to know your fellow technical communicators.
  • Website/Blog/Newsletter
    • Showcase your writing skills – our section editors eagerly await your articles. 


  • Educational Institutions
    • Institutions in our geographic area who offer Technical Communication courses, programs, certificates and degrees
  • Professional development articles
    • Stay on top of your profession-to-be with tips on how to prepare your online portfolio and be your best self at job interviews.
  • Workshops
    • Enjoy discounts on event/workshop fees.
  • Student Memberships