Using Social Media for Your Job Search

Using Social Media for Your Job Search

Social media is one of the most useful tools within today’s competitive job market. Building a professional online presence and leveraging job-search features on social networking sites are powerful ways to access new and diverse opportunities.

In the midst of my own career transition into technical writing, I have been actively searching for jobs and finding new opportunities via social media. Using social media, I have been able to:

  • Volunteer with non-profit organizations to develop industry-specific skills
  • Network with a variety of professionals
  • Apply to relevant career opportunities within my field of interest

Benefits to using social media for your job search include the ability to:

  • Build, develop, and maintain professional relationships
  • Connect to volunteer and employment opportunities worldwide
  • Conduct company research
  • Increase your visibility as an industry professional

Let’s take a look at a few social media tools that can help with your job search.


LinkedIn is one of the top social media sites for conducting job searches and building a professional online network. LinkedIn enables you to create a professional profile and build relationships with employers, industry leaders, and recruiters, within a career-relevant forum. You can also find skills-based volunteer opportunities through LinkedIn for Volunteers, which allows you to develop new skills to open pathways to different careers. You can follow companies that interest you and gain industry-specific knowledge.

Looking for a further opportunity to build positive relationships with professionals? Check out LinkedIn’s new app, LinkedIn Connected.


Twitter is another valuable social media tool that offers professional networking opportunities and career information. Twitter allows you to access career information and connect with a growing number of professionals and professional organizations. This social platform enables users to engage in conversations with industry professionals and participate in communities of interest.

I found Twitter helpful when I began creating and coordinating a collaborative art project called The Global Twitter Community Poetry Project. Through Twitter, I was able to connect with poets and artists around the globe, develop my own writing and editing skills, and produce a portfolio piece to share with future employers.

If you’re looking for job opportunities, an excellent place to start is the Twitter job search engine.

Interested in learning more about using Twitter for your job search? Read this article from Mashable.


Do you want to increase your professional visibility? Blogging is an excellent way to record your experience and interests, and gain access to a global community of professionals. Blogging allows you to market yourself, build professional relationships, and seek relevant opportunities within a wide of range of industries and locations.

Your blog can also be a dynamic résumé. To learn more, see Dan Reich’s article on the benefits of blogging.


There are a variety of free apps that can also assist you in your job search. Some of my favourite job-search apps include Indeed Job Search and Jobs by CareerBuilder.

Look here for more job-search apps for both iOS and Android.

5 Ways to Begin Your Job Search Using Social Media

  • Create a relevant profile
  • Connect with others in your industry
  • Follow companies that interest you, and keep up-to-date with their latest developments
  • Become a knowledge resource and blog about your interests and experiences
  • Access jobs from apps and search engines

Use social media to launch your job search, today!